German Learning Trip 2015

On 3rd August 2015, a group of 12 students from Despark College travelled to Germany. Germany has firmly established itself as a first rate travel destination, not just for the well-informed few but for the happy-go-lucky crowds of tourists from all over the world too. On the first day, students and trainer visited Porsche and Mercedez-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. This is the capital city of Germany’s automotive industries.

Germany’s multitude of regional identities offers a cornucopia of distinct experiences to meet all kinds of expectations and suit all possible tastes (even the most discriminating ones) –We went to the 2nd biggest city in Germany, Munich. The capital city of Bavaria, situated near the foothills of the Alps, with its characteristic ornate architecture, beautiful parks, world-class museums, nearby castles, and its trademark ‘beer gardens’ is a great place to visit year-round and not just during Oktoberfest.

Munich is a charming city full of remnants of its royal past being neither big nor small – just the right size – it offers a ton of attractions of all kinds within a relatively small area. Munich’s whole culture of beer gardens greatly adds to its friendly character. whatever it is you fancy: beautiful scenery, great architecture, lively festivals, glamorous events, exciting nightlife, delicious food and the best beverage ever – Germany has it all and more.

Enumerating all the attractions that make visiting this country worth its while would be a daunting task – the possible reasons are so many and so multifarious that any attempt at shortlisting “the best ones” would smack of presumptuousness and of having an axe to grind.