Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurship is one of the important subject in our course. The course syllabus covers in guiding our students on how to build up and develop a new business and exploit opportunity.

There are a great variety of ways to make entrepreneurship programs interesting and memorable through active participation in the learning process. Our educators had provided this opportunity for students to conduct a food carnival as a learning process.

It is important to display the food in proper way to attract customers.

Communication skill is one of the essential skills in entrepreneurship too.

We can see that students exert their creativity, innovative and 100% commitment in the program.

Their hard works paid off, they get full supports from other students and the outcomes are beyond their expectation. Some of the students even restock their materials due to high demand from their “customers”

Delivering the best service to customers!

And you can’t believe this! They’re more professional than the real hawker, it is really taste good!

Through this program, we hope students are not only have fun but gaining important outcomes in the world of entrepreneurship. For example, they shall be able to analyze the business environment, use critical thinking skills in given situation, understand and apply effective communication skills in business situation and more.

In overall, students are doing a great job today, we are proud of them.