DSIC’s Automotive Engineering Students Showcase Innovation with Custom Made Electric Vehicle Project


In a testament to innovation and sustainable engineering, a team of automotive engineering students at Despark International College has unveiled their custom-made electric vehicle as the culmination of their final year project.

The project aimed to design and construct an electric vehicle from the ground up, showcasing their technical prowess and creativity in the field of automotive engineering. The custom electric vehicle boasts cutting-edge features including:

  • Equipped with four disc brake, utilising single-piston master pump and brake callipers for maximum braking effort.
  • Equipped with emergency cut-off switch, and digital meter to indicate the battery status, power consumption, current and resistance utilize, and time of usage.
  • Adaptation of double wishbone concept to the suspension system, and implementation of adjustable shock absorber and push-rod system for compact design.
  • Customized wheel knuckle design for ease of installation for brake system assembly, wheel hub, and steering system.
  • Re-programmable motor’s electronic controller for any upgrade or tuning.

“Our team is incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished with this project,” said Lim Hong Yi, project lead. “This accomplishment not only demonstrates our technical expertise but also our commitment to sustainability and advancing the future of transportation. I am incredibly proud of each member’s contributions and the collective effort that has led to this successful outcome.”

The project underscores the college’s commitment to fostering hands-on learning experiences and preparing students for real-world challenges in their respective fields. “We are thrilled to see our students demonstrate such ingenuity and dedication in their final year projects,” said Mohd Farid bin Zainudin, programme leader of automotive engineering faculty.

“Their custom electric vehicle serves as a testament to their hard work and exemplifies the core values of our institution: creativity, excellence, and societal impact.” The custom electric vehicle will be showcased at the college’s upcoming engineering expo, providing an opportunity for students, faculty, and industry professionals to witness first-hand the ingenuity and innovation of the next generation of automotive engineers.

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