Cycle & Carriage Presents Study Grants to Despark Automotive Students

Cycle & Carriage (C&C) continues its commitment in creating exceptional journeys for its community by providing financial assistance to deserving underprivileged youths and a chance to grow their career in the automotive field.

For the third year running, C&C awarded five students the Cycle & Carriage Study Grant 2021, a financial aid that offers the opportunity for technical and vocational education in the automotive sector.

The students who were awarded the coveted study grant that will lead to a placement at Cycle & Carriage includes Teshvinder Singh a/l Sarjit Singh, 19, Lee Kai Jing, 20, and Lim Chin Lun, 19 and Shamstephen 19, who are pursuing automotive programmes at Despark.

The 2021 Cycle & Carriage Study Grant is a programme that was designed to help students from the B40 group who are keen to pursue or are already pursuing automotive studies. The grant includes a bursary of RM5,000 per annum for a maximum of three years. Upon completion of their studies, the students will start their career with a year-long position in C&C.

Applicants of the 2021 Cycle & Carriage Study Grant must be Malaysians and of ages 16 years and above who are enrolled in an automotive training institution accredited by the Department for Skills Development (DSD) of the Ministry of Human Resources or Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).

“I am very grateful to Cycle & Carriage for giving me this opportunity to enter the automotive industry after graduation through the Cycle & Carriage Study Grant. Although I am studying to become a technician at the moment, I am hopeful that my seamless transition into the industry and first-hand experience in the workshop of an established brand can open the pathway for me to become an engineer one day,” commented Lee Kai Jing.

“Cycle & Carriage has always been committed to creating exceptional journeys and placing people at heart of our company’s vision and mission. We are constantly looking for ways to nurture the next generation of quality talents who can provide the exceptional services that we cultivate here at Cycle & Carriage. With this study grant, we are thrilled to welcome the next generation of talents to our team into the field of automotive,” said Mr. Thomas Tok, CEO of Cycle & Carriage.

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